Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Long Lost Jewkes

Yes. I know. I'm truly awful at this blogging thing. I can't seem to keep up on it anymore- so I'm going to post of whole bucket load of pics and notes and hope that it makes up for my lack in journaling for the last year... Be prepared for an epic post.
We are all happy and healthy (mostly) and enjoying life. Since we had Tenleigh in July we have just loved playing with her and basking in everything pink. The boys are so sweet with her and it makes me want to have another one! Tucker actually asked the other day if we could have another baby because Tenleigh "is getting big too fast."

Lets see- I left off with Thad's 2nd Birthday in February of 2010 right?
Uncle Eric got home in March- The boys loved watching the plane come in to land at the airport and watch Eric get off the Plane. Thad was only 4 weeks old when Eric left so it was a surprise for them to see each other.
Next would be Easter spent in St. George and cute Easter outfits. The boys LOVED the bunny trail and their baskets were full of candy and presents from the Egg Hunt we set up at Grandma and Grandpa Burtons.

Tucker turned 5 in June and we took him fishing (all he wanted was a fishing pole for his Birthday present) and then went down to Vegas to visit the Shark Reef. The boys loved looking at all the fish and touching the slimy things.

Tenleigh Jo was born July 23 and we have all adapted quite well to this sweet little sister.
August was full of sunny days and family pics- Here are a few of my faves.
We celebrated Tate's 4th birthday in September- What a fun and spunky kid he's turning into. We took a train ride up to the Iron Springs mine and the boys LOVED being able to push all the buttons and blow the whistle.

Tate was on cloud 9- getting to "drive" the train and talk to the conductor. All he wanted for his birthday was trains, trains and more trains.

We had a FABULOUS Halloween in October- Tucker as a Bat, Tate as a Spider, Thad as a Pumpkin and Tenleigh Jo as a Witch. Went to the Ward Halloween party and then trick or treating around the neighborhood.

and finally we blessed our precious Tenleigh in November and celebrated our Baby Sis with pink outfits and family pics. Love her! ( and PINK!)

I will update December, January and Feb in the next post- But hopefully this gives you a quick overview of our life in 2010.

Every day is an adventure here at the Jewkes home and I'm loving the opportunity I have to stay home with these little monsters!


Sundi @ Life of a Cheap Chickadee said...

Love all the things your kids say! So cute! And I love the poem.....you have a great blog! Your so creative. And the cutest family